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Raising Hope (2010 - 2014)
Role: Sabrina Chance
Status: Season 4 Premieres Nov 8 on FOX
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Adult World (2013)
Role: Candace
Status: Completed
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Claire's Cambodia (2013)
Role: Claire
Status: Post-Production
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Search Party (2014)
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Girlfriend (2010)
Role: Candy
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“Raising Hope” cast washes their mouths out with soap

Sep 20, 13

FOX has released a new Raising Hope behind the scenes via EW. Unfortunately the video cannot be embedded so be sure to click on the picture below or this link here to be taken to the video.

Fox’s Raising Hope returns for its fourth season on Nov. 8, and the show celebrated its youngest character growing up and talking with a photo shoot reminding the Chance family (and the adult actors) to watch their mouths. As you’ll see in the hilarious behind-the-scenes video below, costar Shannon Woodward could use another reminder.

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FOX Fall 2013 Publicity Photoshoot (Video)

Sep 10, 13

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35 Fox Stars ‘Drum Up’ Excitement for the Fall TV Season (Music Video)

Sep 10, 13

TV Line has released an exclusive music video of the FOX stars playing the drums to promote the new Fall TV Season. Unfortunately the video cannot be embedded so be sure to watch it by clicking on the preview below!

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“Raising Hope” Season 4 Spoilers

Sep 04, 13


PREVIOUSLY ON… | With Jimmy and Sabrina settling into their life as a married couple, Virginia was forced to come to terms with her role as Hope’s grandmother (with Sabrina assuming the role of Mom) — despite having essentially raised the child for the first few years of her life. Burt, meanwhile, discovered Maw Maw’s estranged centenarian mother was alive (!) — a fact Maw Maw promptly forgot when the Gollum-esque woman died (!!) on the Chase family toilet (!!!).

COMING UP NEXT | Virginia and Burt’s obsession with TV lawyers leads to them sitting second chair for attorney Wally Phipps (Lou Wagner) during a trial. Elsewhere, Molly Shannon joins the cast for three episodes as Maxine, a Type A businesswoman who purchases Howdy’s and immediately starts exploring additional uses for the space during off hours. This leads Sabrina to hatch a plan that involves Jimmy’s fledgling career as an artist. As new showrunner Mike Mariano puts it, “We explore the idea of putting yourself out there in life, and what that means.”

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER | Brace yourself for “a high-concept Christmas parody.” Pressed for details, Mariano keeps cryptic: “It might look like a popular children’s special. That’s all I want to say for now.”

RETURN DATE | Friday, Nov. 8 at 9/8c (Fox)


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“The Riches” Promotionals & Episode Stills

Sep 01, 13

I have added a few promotionals and episode stills from the two The Riches seasons to the gallery as well as official wallpapers and posters. I’ve also added two more episode stills from Raising Hope episode 2×20. Enjoy the new additions!

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